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“Leaders of the New School” join forces on a daring new single “Talk Talk” – DROPS FEB. 25

Malcolm Nuna, Yaw Tog, Black Sherif, Kofi Jamar, and Kweku Flick have joined forces for a brand new song titled “Talk Talk,” which will be released on Friday (February 25).

When premiered, the star-studded collaborative single will serve as an affirmation of the young musicians’ unity, mainstream exposure and will broaden their worldwide appeal. The song will reportedly premiere with an accompanying video that will be a direct visual reflection of what is expected to be an explosive all-male commercial success.

Ghana’s creative (music) economy is currently witnessing steady transformation and transition. With the emergence of the new generation (pretty much known as the leaders of the new school or Gen Zs), these youthful, daring, brilliant, and unabashedly individual musicians are rising to prominence in the business.

From singles, EPs, full length projects, concerts, media appearances, and more, their work ethic is unwavering, and they push the boundaries of what is possible with little or no financing, some skill, and a lot of hard work. They’re on the same radio shows, headlining the same events, and being referenced in the same sentences as veterans and significant industry leaders with years of expertise and industry presence.

While multi-genre gifted artist, Malcolm Nuna’s unflinching loyalty is dedicated to the afrobeats and afro-pop world, Yaw Tog, Black Sherif, Kofi Jamar, and Kweku Flick—some signed to their self-made labels and major labels—have been hard at work urgently hopping on Drill beats and using the music to give life to the world around them.

Their unwavering devotion to the music grind is what sets them apart, demonstrating to everybody that they deserve success and that they mean business.



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