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Let Us Figure The Business Of Music On Our Own As Ghanaian Creatives

For the greater part of December last year, 2021 through to January 2022, there has been a series of conversations on how; Nigerian artists are really working harder than Ghanaian artists’ career-wise, Ghanaian artists blaming Nigerians for not allowing their music to penetrate their market as it’s easier here amongst other conversations.

At this point as a Ghanaian creative, we should know that the truth and reality both coincide in making us be in the know that, even though the Ghanaian sound was what Nigerians fed on to make their music back in the day, currently they are ahead of us in terms of music and the business of music also.

Everyday Questions Concerning The Industry

There are many questions to be asked for the growth of individual artists and the Ghanaian industry as a whole. Then again there is one big question that is what the Nigerian artists are doing right that is not known by the Ghanaian artists or it’s known but not being put to action. Also, are Ghanaian artists focusing on music as a business or just as a hobby?

Answering these questions might take forever because of how the Ghanaian music industry is structured. Our music organisations and bodies need to step up if they want our industry and artist to thrive. Recently, an artist for the whole year took as low as about 300 cedis as royalties from one of Ghana’s music bodies in charge of disbursing royalties to artists. Are we saying that that amount can cater for an artist all-round career? The music bodies in Ghana should really rethink their structure and put measures in place to save the industry.

Now to dive into the main topic, which is ‘Ghanaian artists figuring out this whole music as a business strategy, it is to be known that every creative is a business. An artist should know that even though his/her skills are creative, he/she is capable of generating capital, thus think of yourself or your brand as a business.

During your journey as a musician, the same way you learnt that in making music you write lyrics, go to a studio and record a song should be the same way you learn other things concerning music. That alone should build you up for the highs and lows in your career.

Most times the mentality as Ghanaian artists is to make music, then wait till December to be played or perform for a show. That is the only way they try to make money and so for the other eleven months what is there to do concerning your music.

The Music Business

Yes, it is known that it is hard sustaining a music career once you decide to do music. Studio sessions, mixing and mastering, getting a designer to work on designs, promotion of songs takes a lot of investment and capital. This is the reason why you must see yourself as a business to see yourself through this musical career.

There are measures an artist must put in place to make it in their musical journey. These strategic measures will help you realise yourself or your brand as a business moving forward.

In the next article, we will discuss the first step you must take once you begin your journey as an artist/creative.

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