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Lord Paper Drops Emotional Bombs with New Single ‘Clown’

Lord Paper, the maestro of soulful beats, has released his latest heart-wrenching masterpiece, ‘Clown.’ Following the chart-topping success of ‘Asabone,’ ‘Love No Catch You Before’, ‘Dzigbordi’ and a host of others, Lord Paper is set to tug at our heartstrings once again with Clown.

Lord Paper Drops Emotional Bombs with New Single ‘Clown’

In ‘Clown,’ Lord Paper spins a tale of love gone awry, where trust is shattered and hearts are left in disarray. The catchy beats and relatable lyrics make this track a rollercoaster of emotions that everyone can vibe with.

Lord Paper’s ability to craft impressive love stories through his music has solidified his position as one of Ghana’s most revered artists. Each note, each lyric, is a testament to his knack for connecting with listeners on a deeply emotional level.
Scheduled for release today Friday 26th January 2024, ‘Clown’ is not just a song; it’s an emotional journey that invites listeners to feel the raw and relatable aspects of love.

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