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Medikal Endorses Frequency And Tulenkey On His Upcoming EP #THEPLUG.

Witty and juicy rapper Medikal has endorsed bewilding hippop and afro beat artist Frequency. The rapper who is currently working on latest project #ThePlug EP is stemming up a unique strategy to promote as well as expose 2 determined and focused upcoming acts with whatever-it-takes spirit to level up their game to a new market. He endorsed these 2 bankable acts; Frequency and Tulenkey based on their style and dexterity. And yes, they fit and deserve to be on.

He also said he will give 5 free verses to 5 dope upcoming acts who will need him on their songs. He posted on his mini-blogs a picture and captioned: “So I de put Tulenkey and Frequency for one song top on #THEPLUG EP. However, I wan 5 free verses for 5 dope upcoming musicians. Kindly let me know if you know any so I look them up ” In response to the post with so much excitement, Frequency poured out his heartfelt message to his fans and Medikal for the opportunity an massive support. He posted on Twitter: “Big thanks to Medikal for giving me the opportunity to be on #THEPLUG EP. Big thanks to everyone who mentioned me. You did because you believed in your boy. I really dey appreciate the love chale. Let’s be great. #FearNoMan”. Frequency’s response literally highlights he was also recommended by the masses to be on the EP as Medikal’s post suggests. Good way to go.

Frequency is currently not signed onto any record label yet Kulaperry is his image & personal brand manager, Benjamin Maidoff personal manager and Kojo Fiadjor corporate brand manager.

As it stands it’s an excellent deal for both Frequency and Tulenkey to make a mark certainly nobody can clean. People who don’t know Frequency will anticipate and get his songs.

Those who already know him will initiate more loyal love and support all day every day. It’s left with him and the other folks yet to be on the EP to take advantage of the moment and capitalize on it for immediate and future prospects. As to what to expect on the EP, the unexpected should be expected.



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