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MEGA EJ  launches first single of the year, titled “Speed Dial.”

“Speed Dial” the fresh song by MEGA EJ is poised to solidify the artist’s status as a trendsetter, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary soundscapes. ‘Speed Dial’ is a pure expression of Mega EJ’s genre fusion power, which combines rhythmic flows from dancehall and reggae on a boom-bap type beat produced
by ‘Pappuy’.

Pappuy is also a renowned producer based in Germany, with an impressive background of collaborating with both artists and sound designers. They have five songs together and he has been the brain behind Mega EJ’s new fusion sound.

“Speed Dial is more than just a song; it’s an experience. I wanted to create something that would resonate with listeners on a visceral level, something that stays with them long after the music stops.”


“Speed Dial” is available on all major streaming platforms from today March 1, 2024. Fans can immerse themselves in Mega EJ’s sonic universe and witness the evolution of his artistry with this groundbreaking single.


MEGA EJ, the Ghanaian-based artist and musician, is a testament to fluidity in creativity. Born Johnson Elikem Kondobrey, his journey to discovering his musical prowess began with an innate curiosity. During high school, inspired by icons like Lil Wayne and Akon, he effortlessly realized his gift for singing and memorizing lyrics, prompting him to embrace this newfound talent. The transition to songwriting happened swiftly, marking the inception of his creative odyssey.

Early performances for MEGA EJ were rooted in high school, where he entertained peers at various events, earning a special acknowledgement to the 2D boys. His foray into professional performances followed suit. To refine his craft, he undertook regular piano lessons and mastered the art of singing in the correct key.

The trajectory to success has been marked by challenges, as expected in any notable journey. MEGA EJ’s persistent determination, however, has been the linchpin for his ongoing achievements. In the nascent days, he recalls bypassing classes to travel to Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana for his inaugural recording. From these humble beginnings to amassing over 80,000 organic plays within the past year for his standout tracks “Christopher Wallace, Winter and AJE,” MEGA EJ is undeniably on a path illuminated with stardom and greatness. He views his music as a vehicle for impacting lives and isn’t hesitant to draw inspiration from R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Rap, and other diverse genres.

Amidst his musical influences such as Lucky Daye, Saint Jhn, Chronixx, Worlasi, and Nasty C, MEGA EJ envisions sharing stages with them on a global scale. His songwriting process is characterized by spontaneity, allowing creative juices to flow seamlessly – capturing melodies on random beats, anytime, anywhere. Since releasing his debut single in 2018, MEGA EJ has consistently delivered personal EPs, collaborated on an EP, and achieved charting success with an album in 2021. His latest EP, “Amber,” comprising four songs, emanates a sense of softness and tranquillity for the listener to savour.

The future for MEGA EJ is ascribed to the stars. In a few years, envision him headlining arenas globally, basking in the spotlight of superstardom. As a reflective artist, he imparts advice to his younger self: there is never a reason to panic; everything passes – a cherished mantra guiding his daily journey.

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