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Mista Myles Kick Starts Year with New Song Sober

Everyone is battling something, and in our bid to overcome our battles, we always turn to something to help us with the pain we feel. From heartbreaks, disappointments and unfulfillment, whenever we feel empty, we turn to something to help us take our mind off the pain. While some people turn to their loved ones, others turn to alcohol, parties, sex etc. 

In his first song of the year, Ghanaian artiste Mista Myles shares how he struggles to fight his demons and the pain they bring. Despite making money and attracting all the women he has always wanted to attract; he still does not fill fulfilled and as such, he turns to one vice or the other to make him feel something.

Titled Sober, the NixieOfficivl produced song follows the story of Myles dealing with the pain that comes with being unfulfilled. 

Mista Myles


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