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Model Of The Week – Staniel Ferreira

Staniel Ferreira

Let me introduce you to Staniel Ferreira, an African Chinese! Oh yeah, I meant it. Staniel’s family is from Macau, China then migrated to Guinea-Bissau in the West Africa. This makes him a Chinese and a West African.

Staniel is 27 years old born on the 18th of October, with height of 6′ 2″. It is not surprising he is an upcoming stylish icon. It was quite difficult for him to get into modelling since he got rejected in New York for 3 good years.

His motto in life is “I never hold bad feeling, positive love is what gets you to the top!” He said in an interview with CarbonCopy Magazine. Staniel is known on IG as @stanielferreira where he has over 7,730 followers.

Staniel Ferreira




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