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MoMo Users Whose Accounts Are Not Registered In Their Names Advised To Withdraw Monies Tonight

Customers of Mobile Telecommunications Network ( MTN) Mobile Money ( MoMo) service whose accounts are not registered in their names are advised to withdraw their monies tonight as users of the service would be required to present valid ID cards effective tomorrow 2nd April 2021 before they do cash withdrawals from their accounts.

The Mobile Telecommunications Network giant had earlier in a series of messages notified their customers that they would be required to present valid ID cards they used in registering for the service before they could withdraw monies from their accounts, effective on 2nd April.

This update of the MoMo service according to MTN is necessary and needful to protect accounts and cashes of their customers.

Management of MTN believes that criminals have been withdrawing cashes from accounts which are not theirs, with optimism that their latest update of the service which would be in effect tomorrow, would help curb the menace.

They had earlier asked their customers whose accounts are not registered in their names to send pictures of their valid ID cards and full names through WhatsApp number 0554300000 for changes of ownerships.

Users of the MoMo service in many ways have been confronted and duped by fraudulent persons since the introduction of the service.

However, some users of the service have reacted to plans by management of the service to update it, which they would be demanded to present valid ID cards for all transactions, expressing their displeasures.

They believe they would be faced with challenges withdrawing monies from their accounts, as they might not be able to trace persons their accounts bear their ID names.

Meanwhile, users of MTN MoMo who couldn’t register for the service with their own valid ID cards are advised to visit near by offices of the Mobile Telecommunications Network for changes of ownerships.



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