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MONAA – Collections (By. Nana And Afua Dabanka)

German-born Ghanaian sisters, Nana and Afua Dabanka, created the luxury footwear label, MONAA, in honor of their royal Ashanti heritage. As young girls, Nana and Afua were completely captivated by their father’s handmade leather Ohenema slippers as well as their mother’s intricately woven Kente silk ensembles.

The sisters travel from New York to London. They grew up in the small town Wetter in German. To maintain strong family ties, they travel regularly to Ghana.

Made in Ghana by expert artisans, MONAA sandals are constructed from the finest, globally sourced leathers, and refined with African-inspired embellishments. Exquisitely handcrafted, MONAA reflects the designers’ transcontinental sensibility.

The name MONAA combines Afua’s nickname, “Mo” with “Naa”, the affectionate abbreviation of Nana. Likewise, the brand combines craftsmanship steeped in tradition but designed with a global perspective. Hence, the sisters present a luxurious new footwear option and a personal labor of love: Made in Ghana, for the customer who makes herself at home anywhere in the world she may be.



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