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“My Husband Permitted Me To Host The Sex Education Tv Programme. – Akuma Mama Zimbi

Media personality Akumaa Mama Zimbi has revealed that she had to seek permission from her husband before she started hosting her controversial relationship talk show ‘Odo Ahomaso’.

The show which many have criticized for its explicit content is rated 18+ and it essentially teaches viewers various sex positions and how to satisfy one’s partner in bed.

Speaking to Adom TV’s Pokua on her Vim Talk show, Akumaa disclosed that it was her husband who granted her permission to start hosting the show.

“The thing is, I was married for so many years before I got into showbiz, so my husband and children knew me for who I was. But those outside my family see fault with what I’m doing. What’s evil about the education I’m giving?” she asked.

Akuma added: “When I got married, I wasn’t doing those things but with my husband’s permission, I went into it because it is something I am passionate about.”

Odo Ahomasuo airs on AdomTV every Thursday from 11:30 pm – 12 am and Fridays 11:00 pm -12 am.



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