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Nigerian superstar Oxlade attends first GRAMMY award ceremony in Las Vegas

As a guest of his US manager Richardine Bartee (Recording Academy member), Nigerian star Oxlade attends the 64th Annual GRAMMY Award ceremony at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Oxlade has built a solid profile over the past two years thanks to his colourful yet edgy image, a fiercely addictive Afropop sound and a sexy, carefree attitude. Oxlade is becoming a prominent figure globally with a strong following on social media. Living up to his ambition, the song is tailored for a global audience for an artist that has the potential of becoming one of the biggest music exports from Nigeria.

“Anyone who listens can connect to my lyrics, and in turn, it connects me with anyone who is listening. My music is for people who take what I’m saying personally because it truly is representative of day-to-day life.” [Oxlade]

Lagos native Nigerian artist Oxalde broke out on a global stage a couple of years ago with the hit “Away” from his OXYGENE EP. With no more than two four-line verses, a pair of lovely pre-hooks and a sunny chorus, this gospel Afrobeats track shared by the likes of Drake or Naomi Campbell was named one of the “Top 50 songs of the year 2020” by Rolling Stone making Oxlade the only Nigerian artist featured on that list.

Bartee’s other musical guests included Konvict Kulture artist TeeManay, the “King of Malawi music” Tay Grin, and SiriusXM’s DJ Anarchy. Andy Alexis, fellow GRUNGECAKE publicist and entertainment writer, accompanied her with her talent.

Oxlade’s new music video for”Want You” is out now. Check it out.

Social media usernames:
@oxladeofficial (Intstagram)
@oxladeofficial (Twitter)



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