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“N.C.T.W” stands for “NO CHURCH IN THE WILD”. It is mostly assumed that Christian brands are for a particual circle of people. But this is not a judgmental brand; we believe that Christ died for all so that all may live for Him. This is more than a street wear brand, this is God’s brand, and this brand is for everyone. “N.C.T.W” is an exhibition of the gospel designs used in spreading the good news of salvation. “N.C.T.W” is an exhibition managed under the Tribe Of God (T.O.G) design label.

Tribe Of God (T.O.G), a Ghanaian based Christian street wear brand dedicated to spreading the gospel through street wear fashion.”@tribeofgod” is our handle on all social media platforms. Contact is via email:

The organizers of this event are the same ones behind the just ended “#julsgroove18” which had a massive turnout. We appeal to a crowd of about a thousand plus people. Photos and videos of #julsgroove18 have been attached for confirmation. The organization team of this event is made up of youth of different circles with a variety of ideas and opinions in order to make the event suit the tastes of the majority.



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