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One For The Book Worms : Kindle Rolls Out Water Proof Edition Of Oasis

This is some great news coming in for book lovers and most especially ebook patronisers as one of the earliest and most reliable e-book reader, Kindle has released a water proof edition called the Kindle Oasis and upgrade to the previous version. The new kindle oasis has increased in size from the previous 6inch to 7inch and unlike the earlier oasis,(which had a magnetic case to increase battery life) has an inbuilt bigger battery size. For physical design,  there isn’t any difference from the previous one(aside the size) and still maintains the resolution at 300ppi but has extra led lights for brighter and a more even display.

This has been long overdue as water proof gadgets have been in existence for a while now but it also comes as a great relief for e book lovers!!! you can literally read your books rain or shine.!

Written by Naa AyekieDate



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