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Patapa Opens Up On His Near Death Experience.

Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa (Papizo) a Ghanaian hiplife musician may have decayed by now if not for God and the timely intervention of the Doctors.

Patapa who was poisoned and nearly died in 2016 is now known for his 2017 debut single “One Corner” song and dance. We may not have heard of him if not for God.

In an interview with Zion Felix on the Celebrity Ride show, the internet sensation opened up and gave host details of how he got saved.

He said, “But for the intervention of doctors and the Supreme Being, Ghanaians would have been mourning me at this moment because I would have passed on after a food poisoning incident”,

Patapa has since after the incidence advised himself on his eating habit and how he opens up to people he gets to meet in his day to day activities.

“After my life threatening incident, I was inspired to compose a song on it. The song advises people to be careful of bad friends, family. Also I’ m no longer close to some friends.” He ended.



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