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Petrah Clears Air On Referring To Kidi, Kuami Eugene And King Promise As “Small Boys”.

The Queen of Manner Records Petrah who has tagged herself as the hottest female artiste in Ghana was in the news recently for saying she couldn’t date Kuami Eugene, Kidi and King Promise because they were small boys.

In an interview hosted by Rev Erskine on 4Syte Tv the BumBum singer decided to address this when questioned by the host if she really passed such comment, she voiced “Yes I did say that but not in the way you are framing it to look, what I really meant was they are like little brothers to me and I can’t date my little brothers you know.”

The host further asked if there could be a collaboration between her, Kidi, Kuami Eugene and King Promise sometime in future, “of course yes for business purposes” Petrah hurriedly answered.

Check out Petrah’s latest music video ‘BumBum’ above;



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