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Regina Van-Helvert Outdoors The “Stop Jungle Justice Campaign.”

EIB networks Regina Van-Helvert on Friday 24th August 2018 launched  her “Stop Jungle Justice Campaign” targeted at educating the public on the menace “mob justice”. 

At the launch were notable faces and personalities including; ACP David Eklu, Late Major Maxwell Mahama’s father, legislators among others.

The Host of Rhythm Live, Regina Van-Helvert shared her immense passion to see an end to lynching of humans while the right thing to be done which is reporting wrong doings to the appropriate quarters is skipped. 

The versatile talent said,  “Jungle Justice or mob justice as some may know it, has been in existence for as long as I can remember, growing up in Osu (Accra). It was commonplace to hear ‘ooo julor’, ‘ewi oo ewi’, to wit thieves and you could almost certainly tell, that someone guilty or otherwise, will lose their life through bizarre circumstances”.

She continued saying, “the Van-Helvert Foundation, has decided to tell the full narrative of Jungle style justice, or mob-justice, in a bid to awaken the sensitivities of the Ghanaian society which appears to have died along with our trust for institutions to effectively support our resolution of disputes.”

Miss Van-Helvert rounded up her address by outlining what her campaign intends to achieve by next year.

“Next year, we will use movie vans, community engagements, town hall meetings, engagements with key security and law enforcement institutions, and gatherings such as these to rebuild the broken trust in our society. This is definitely not a one person or one institutions struggle. It is one that requires all and sundry” she said.

ACP David Eklu and late Major Maxwell Mahama’s father in taking their turns to address the gathering congratulated Regina’s effort for creating the awareness to fight against mob justice that has led to the lost many lives including that of the young Major Maxwell Mahama.

Late Major Maxwell Mahama’s father added that “it’s high time the authorities come together to chide this mob justice that has caused many lives… the death of my son is still a fresh wound till now and I will support this campaign.” He said

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