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Rex Omar Confused If Or Not He Qualifies To Be Referred To As A Legend?

Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) and Veteran Highlife Musician Rex Omar reveals how confused, he is about his legendary status in the Ghanaian music industry during an interview with Kasapa FM.

The “Abiba” hit maker noted that per the definition of who a legend is, he is not sure if he has gotten to such level yet, adding that legends are people who have made an impact in their field of endeavours to the extent that they cannot be excluded when honouring people who have contributed so much in that respect.

Speaking to the issue with clarification, Uncle Rex said, “I think the Legendary word has been overused in Ghana, generally, Ghanaians love titles. Sometimes when people call me Legend I don’t know whether I’m a Legend or not because I believe that when we say someone is a Legend, he or she is someone who has excelled in their field of endeavor in a very long time that they have had a positive impact in that sector. I can call Bob Marley a Legend because even after his death, his music still lives”

Born Rex Owusu Marfo, the singer has been in the music industry for many years, and is credited with the ‘Dangerous‘ album, which includes the hit song, ‘Abiba‘ that sold over 300,000 units and is still attracting audiences beyond Ghana’s borders.



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