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Rush Energy Drink And TV3 To Launch Fascinating Dating Reality Show – Date Rush

Rush Energy Drink, the energy drink of choice for most Ghanaians and TV3, the leading free-to-air TV channel in Ghana are teaming up to delight viewers with the ultimate dating reality show – Date Rush.

Date Rush, scheduled to launch on 02 November 2018 and aired exclusively on TV3, is a riveting reality show featuring an eligible bachelor and 10 beautiful and intelligent ladies who he [the bachelor] must convince to go on a date with him.

Described by influential industry people as a revolutionary entertainment programme, the 13-week episodic reality will see a bachelor pitching for a date with featured maidens each week. He must convince them to go on a date with him. The ladies, who must decide whether they like him or not, as the plot unfolds, will respond by switching off or remain in contention until the final stage where a decision is made.

If successful, the bachelor and the chosen lady will land an all expenses paid date. The couple would then be given the unique opportunity to share their experiences with viewers in subsequent episodes.

Date Rush was developed in response to the need to support young Ghanaians looking for a platform to meet, connect and build relationships that could grow into long term commitments.
It was also developed to provide viewers with the ultimate entertainment experience as the plot unfolds week after week.

The show will premiere on Friday 02 November and air every Friday for 13 weeks.

Date Rush is produced by Adesa Productions Ltd, a member of the Media General Group and sponsored by Rush Energy Drink.
Viewers stand the chance of winnig exciting prizes as the show progresses from from Twellium Industrial Company Ltd, producers of leading beverages including Rush Energy Drink, Run Energy Drink, Verna Water among others.



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