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RYLTY to team up with producer, Zodivc on her soon-to-drop Alté single ‘Replay

With the sweet lilt of the recently released ‘Non Stop’, still fresh in collective memory, Alté’s newest sensation, RYLTY, is taking no chances. Rather than catch her breath, she is working towards her next song. The rising singer is gearing up for her next release, ‘Replay’, coming to music stores on Monday, May 29. Don’t miss the chance to hear her remarkable voice again.

You can pre-save ‘Replay’ here to find out:

Like her well-received debut (the abovementioned ‘Non Stop’), ‘Replay’ is poised to have lots of pizzaz, if not more. It will be another exhilarating release from the star, whose vocal inflections are nothing shy of catchy and charming. According to RYLTY, ‘Replay’ is another figment of her imagination. “It [Replay] is one of those ‘what if?’ scenarios I keep imagining. It’s about a tale of attraction between two strangers who lock eyes in the thick of some nightclub action. There’s a bit of a Dancehall groove to the song and lots of energy to dance to and get lost in”, the singer says.

A collaboration with Zodivc – the producing brain behind her debut song, fans can expect ‘Replay’ to have an enticing production and great sonic attributes. “Zodivc loved what he heard on my first song”, RYLTY disclosed. “It won his approval, and he felt it was only right for us to collaborate for my next song. To which I agreed. He knows the ins and outs of the industry better than I do, and it’s great to have such a creative in my company. He’s my very own 40 Shebib”.

RYLTY (pronounced ROYALTY) may have released her debut song only a few months ago. But her rich musical history is one many are yet to know of. Born Juliusina Osberta Addo, the Ghanaian-Togolese singer began her journey to become Accra’s new it-girl in 2017. She grew up in a world of plush Reggae, RnB and Pop music, sounds she developed into a unique and versatile style that showcases her intense vocals. Now, RYLTY is ready to wow audiences with her captivating songs and charisma. And ‘Replay’ is the new song to lead this charge.

Could this be the start of a new era? Be part of its genesis! Follow @RYLTYszn on all socials and watch her beautiful story unfold.



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