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Save At The Peak Of Your Career To Avoid Dieing Poor – Catherine Afeku

Despite the glamour that makes the creative arts industry an attractive one, there yet remains sad realities untold.

One of such stories is how many creative minds smile to the camera yet cry back home since they hardly make anything out of their creativity. Due to this, many creatives have died paupers or have had to rely on family, friends and governments for support in times of need.

However, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Catherine Ablema Afeku has a word of advise for personalities in the creative arts industry. took notice!

Responding to a question as to how personalities in the creative arts industry are treated, the Minister stated it was only right that personalities in the creative arts industry (just like any other profession) saved some monies at the peak of their careers so they do not become reliant on Government for support in times of need.

She was speaking to radio personality Feeling Daddy at the funeral of the legendary musician C.K. Mann.

“In every career, there are ups and downs. But it is not the responsibility of anybody to either make your life well or not. It is the planning of the sector that makes or unmake. Media/journalists die, teachers die, farmers die but why is that when a creative person dies the whole media goes uproar and expects somebody to take the blame? Our Uncle Kofi has lived, he’s of age and he’s died of old age. It shouldn’t be a time of controversy but I also want you as a media person to understand and appreciate that the state is responsible for all its citizenry and not just those of us in arts,” she said.

She called on the media to educate practitioners to save than rely on governments for support in their golden age.

“It is incumbent on us as the media who’s part of the creative industry to empower our people that when you’re in your mid/peak career, save some of the money, join some of the pension schemes like the teachers and other people do so that in your golden years you will live off your talent. That should be the line of thinking because as a nation, everyone matters and everyone is important,” she added.

Honourable Catherine Afeku however states the government is putting in measures to ensure creative arts personalities enjoy royalties from their works.




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