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Shatta Wale Schools, Critics On What The Music Business Is About.

The leader of the Shatta Movement upon release of some songs on his “Reign” Album has come under fire on social media and in a quest to slap back at his critics, the “Gringo” hitmaker schools the media on what the music business means.

He took to social media to take them through some music lessons in a letter written and signed by him, saying a real musician does what we call commercial songs because that’s the business.

Below is the full write up by Shatta Wale educating his critics.

If you want to use your Bentley to carry sand na your matter ooo😂😂😂Because ……
A real musician does what we call commercial songs because that’s the business.
But a wannabe musician will always criticize what the people are dancing and listening to at the moment … Saying things like :this song is not a good song !!

Brother I don’t know about “Senseless song ” in my dictionary of compositions..
All I know is MUSIC.

If you want to sing sensible songs to be poor, it’s better you start being a motivational speaker like TD jakes, at least that way people will understand your song on the paper on that pulpit as you talk to them and at least you will get paid with respect and money 💰!!! But if you want to show music lovers that you are sensible too much, they will also show you how they hate your music and your attitude towards the career.. Because all they want from a real musician is to entertain them and entertainment comes with a big package. Most musician don’t know this!!!But I have researched and learnt much about this..

This is the simplest understanding I can give you …as a musician🔑
If you don’t want the gold on that Obuasi soil ,please don’t go dirty yourself digging ..But if you want it please and please Dirty yourself positively and make that 💰💰💰Cuz that’s the Job my guy …

Think about it 🔑

It’s your choice!!!
Musician or Teacher 👨‍🏫

No be gidigidi kwraaaa….🙏🏽

Written by Shatta Wale
Shatta Movement Records !!!!
Good morning !!!



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