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”Some Pastors Are Addicted To Alcohol” – Ohemaa Mercy Reveals.

Ghanaian contemporary gospel musician, Mercy Twum-Ampofo, known on stage as Ohemaa Mercy has revealed that, most Ghanaian ordained men of God are addicted to excessive intake of alcoholic content, as they are unable to deduce the word of God for it followers to understand and feel a glimpse of.

According to awards winning gospel musician, men of God are obliged to educate and disseminate the doctrines of the Bible to its Christian diaspora across the world, however on a contrary , they sit without any specific purpose and take in more liquor and brew containing excessive alcoholic content.

The ‘Aseda’ hit maker indicated that, most people authorized to conduct religious worship or clergymen she’s accidentally be in the same place and interact with them, give distinctive alcoholic malodor that is offensively unpleasant to the right thinking member of the society.

According to Ohemaa Mercy, such encounters with most clergymen gave her a quick and penetrating intelligence to accept for the fact that, most ordained ministers of Christian religion are addicted to excessive intake of alcoholic contents, tainting the church or sanctuary with such liquor.

Gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy urged Christians to examine carefully and be wary of alcohol drinking ordained ministers of the religion and churches, as there enough worship sanctuaries that are not geared towards the teachings and doctrines of the savior, Jesus Christ.

By: Gerrard-Israel



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