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Stanley Enow Wears A Cape of Love!

Forget the chocolate, forget the novelties and everything about the month of February for your bae! Take a page out of the African Gentleman Stanley Enow’s book when it comes to expressing REAL love!

On Thursday 8th February as Stanley Enow celebrated another blessed birthday on this earth gracing us with more than music, Stanley Enow took to the streets of Abidjan at ‘Reformed Heart – The Gentle Hand’ orphanage in AZURETTI, Côte d’Ivoire where Stanley Enow x Nuba Athletics joined forces to put smiles on the faces of our future leaders of tomorrow – sharing food provisions, sports equipment, clothing, laughter, games and of course music to mark Stanley Enow’s birthday.

The day was celebrated with notable faces and people of prominence who joined forces with both Stanley Enow and Nuba Athletics as they united with one mission, Our Children.
Which leaves the question, do you have to wear a cape to be a superhero?

Our blessed music industry led by the sound of the drum has seen many of our musicians make an impact globally to many in need where possible through all the mediums in their grasp, but is that ever enough?
We’ve all heard the stories about charities and organisations that say they do but do they really? The people that hide behind the tears of the hurting for a profit but sometimes, just sometimes there are heroes standing among us who stand tall to help others stand up!

To all of our unsung heroes and heroines that have gone before us and stand with us celebrating the month of love with real love, we adore you. Thank you.

As a people we have a duty of care as lovers of the drum and our beloved Africa, we are all custodians to unite and do more. Whether it’s with our talents, skills or the colour of our money, our future leaders need us in all our different approaches to see beyond the line and to extend the drum of love to all.

Angelique Kidjo stood and still stands, Fela gave us a gift which still keeps on giving, Osibisa crossed over to teach and preach so are you telling me that today today we only have a handful of artists, people and lovers of the world who choose to use their musical genius to enrich another’s life?

Not all superheroes wear capes, Stanley Enow wears a cape of love do you?

Stanley Enow

Written by: Sakeena @simplysakeena



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