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This is Kilo Jalloh, the man making strides in black British music

Hailing from south London, Clapham to be exactly, Kilo grew up like most kids from from the suburbs, but with a special eye for talent. As the years progressed, he started helping out a friend who was doing music. That friend turned out to be megastar, J Hus.

It was only up from here as he along with his brother, Moe Bah opened up their talent management outfit, 2k Management. Home to top talents like Young T and Bugsey, Jae5 just to mention a few. He has won several awards for music management and was mentioned by Complex UK as one of the best black Brit executives in the industry.

Kilo further expanded his expertise to co-founding a label alongside his long time best friend, Jae5 and brother, Moe Bah. 5K Records was born and is home to top talents like King Promise just to mention a few.

Currently, Kilo has his sights set on even more major ventures and the music industry hasn’t quite seen the best of him yet.



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