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Tiffany Inks A Deal With Midas Touch And Describes The Label As Family

Itz Tiffany, known best by her “Fake London Boy” hit song, but real name Antoinette Tiffany Owusu inks a record deal with Midas Touch.

Just a week plus after the release of her new single “Cotyledon” which is receiving massive airplay, it’s confirmed that she has closed a major deal with the record Label Midas Touch.

In an interview on Zylofon Fm on Monday, 30th July 2018, she affirmed she has a deal with the Label but describes the relationship between her and the label as “family”.

I for a fact was convinced about this since I see their name on her recent art cover for her upcoming single Cotyledon.

Itz Tiffany has songs like, “Fake London Boy”, “Give Them”, “She Turns Me On”, “Got It All”, “Zaaady” and “No More” to mention a few to her credit.



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