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Vogue Unofficial Focuses On Blackness In September

Vogue Magazine
Vogue Magazine

Blackness has evolved into a symbol of power, boldness, and sophistication, from when being black meant playing second fiddle, being inadequate and being captured in one’s self. Voices of all kinds through every channel of arts have particularly been loud on the seriousness of Black issues across the world. From A-List musicians to movies stars, from big-budget movies to music videos, from magazine covers to social media campaigns, etc…, blackness has taken the forefront in arts and entertainments as a subject to ensure equal opportunities and rights for black people across the world.

As September issues are the most prestigious in the magazine world, @Vogue took Black matters to a more serious level by handing over control to the biggest female artists in the world. With @Beyonce covering US @vogue and being shot by a black photographer and Rihanna @badgalriri fronting the cover of @BritishVogue, Black Excellence just reached another peak.

“Vogue Unofficial” is our recreation of the iconic and historic September 2018 issues of US Vogue and British Vogue. Our take on the covers is our way of paying homage and tribute to two Ghanaian born creative geniuses, @KwasiFordjour, the creative director for @Beyonce ’s September issue for US @Vogue and @Edward_Enninful, the Editor-in-Chief of @BritishVogue, as they take charge of the world of arts and are breaking color barriers.

Through our themes “UNAPOLOGETIC. BLACK.” “INGENUITY. BLACK.”, we re-echo all the messages and values carried by these powerful black women on the cover of these magazines and what it means to all young black women in Ghana and Africa.

Our shoot further explores Blackness as a symbol of INTELLECT, INGENUITY, and SELF-LOVE.

Evogue Magazine Cover

Evogue Magazine Cover

Photography @phloshop @iamjunie07
Art director
Stylist @sey_culture Designer @lakopue
Mua @jaedollhouse
Model @_keylah @penny_yeboaa
Videography @itscharkie


The issue of black exclusion may seem like a western problem, however within Africa, there is a more vicious issue of blackness. Lead movie roles are given to light skin people as its assumed they are more commercial. This has resulted in skin bleaching amongst celebrities and stars to push up their market value.

Can we see beauty in the darkest shade of black, can we embrace strength in our melanin, as there is a place for every shade of black.

As depicted, our cover embodies the dark shades of blackness an African can be and the glory that runs through her blackness. She is Graceful, she’s Intelligent and she portrays Self-Love.

The beauty of being African is in the layers and tones of the black complexion. This is for us as Africans to embrace and appreciate our darkest tones and see beauty, power, grace and sophistication in the way we look.

Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine


There’s been millions of messages, writings, movies, speeches, music and various works of art pushing women’s agenda. Have all these efforts been enough??? Well… Not enough to fully curb the marginalization of women, especially women of Color and portraying them as weaklings.

Equally there’s been millions of women who are changing the world with their ingenuity in their own small or massive ways. INGENUITY. BLACK. is a recreation of Beyonce’s US Vogue cover as an embodiment of such finesse, creativity, originality, inclusiveness and inspiration.

We portray black women with our model holding a golden egg to symbolize the birth of unique and innovative ideas. Before great things are birth, we believe a touch of the industriousness, creativity and brilliance makes the difference.

Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine

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