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What Is A Protective Style?

I grow and maintain the strength of my hair through protective styles mostly. Protective hairstyle is a style that tucks the ends of your hair away from being exposed to damaging agents such as sun, heat, and constant manipulation.

Protecting hair is beneficial to all types of hair textures, relaxed, and natural.

Who should use a protective style?
• If you live in a cold, windy, highly-polluted, or otherwise harsh environment, your walk to work or school alone could be damaging your hair, so give it more rest than normal.

• If you’re busy, an athlete, traveling, or otherwise struggle to style your hair every day, protective styles can be a lifesaver for you.

• If your hair is fine or prone to breakage, reduce breakage with protective styles.
The purpose and benefits of this hairstyle is to grow healthier, longer hair by retaining length (length retention) and reduce split ends, knotting, and damage.

Some examples are:
• Braids
• Wigs
• Sew-in Weaves
• Drawstring Ponytails
• Buns

But note, don’t leave the style in too long. This will eventually lead to hair damage, tangling, and hair loss. Just like you need to let your hair rest from being styled, you need to let it breathe from protective styles.



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