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“Who is there to save the savior?” Kidi Shares His Fear Of Going Broke In The Future And Loneliness.

Lynx Entertainment’s afro-beat singer and one of Ghana’s finest exports with regards to music in an interview revealed that seeing broke veteran musicians scare him.

In an interview with Bismarck Boachie known as DJ Premier on Entertainment Capital on Accra100.5 FM, he made known that seeing the then musicians now broke and sometimes have to beg for money scares him.

“Sometimes when my family and my friends go out to see these veteran musicians and the way they are living now, despite all the hit songs they released and the tours they made across the world, and seeing them like this today with no money? Some of them even ask for money to do their surgery, it scares my family and they ask if that is how I’m also going to end up, sometimes all these scare us.” Kidi shared looking scared.

Adding on, he gave a free advice to all arts to save during their hail period and added he will not fault Ghanaians nor blame them for not treating the industry people well.

“I won’t blame Ghanaians that they don’t treat the industry people well, sometimes I feel like there is a hail period for every artiste to make money, and, so, we should try to invest our money so that in the future if the money is not coming like the way it used to, we’ll still have something to work with.”

The “Odo” singer in the interview also asked a question we don’t readily have an answer to: “Who is there to save the savior?” This is in relation to the life musicians live, it just means; who entertains the entertainer?

He said, “It is very difficult to make people happy, but when you are able to do that, you get home and it’s you alone, nobody entertains us, that is why we watch movies, we feel sad most of the time.”

He ended by saying, “The reality of the whole thing is, as you climb up you lose friends, it’s not supposed to be so, but that is what it is, as God blesses you and the blessing takes you higher you lose your friends. I wish that we all go up together, but sometimes because of your busy schedule, you don’t even get time to hang out with your friends. Some of them understand that this is what is happening so we have to adapt, but some also feel like you still have to make time for them.”

Kidi is currently promoting his new work “Thunder” which is receiving massive airplay and all the buzz currently.



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