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Woman sues Man for $10,000 after bad date

A Michigan woman had her lawsuit transferred out of court after she snapped at a judge for questioning her knowledge of the law when she decided to sue a man for taking her out on a bad date.

QaShontae Short filed suit against Richard Jordan in 2020, accusing him of intentional infliction of emotional distress caused by the date. Per TMZ, the legal docs allege that Richard intentionally hurt her feelings when he “did not show and left on [her] mother’s birthday and [her] mom had just passed away.” QaShontae was demanding Jordan pay her $10,000 as a result of this “distress.”

During the pair’s 10-minute virtual hearing with Judge Herman Marable Jr. in Flint, Michigan, Jordan remained relatively quiet aside from speaking on how this case was a waste of the court’s time. Judge Marable Jr. seemed to agree with him and questioned whether Short was in the proper courtroom to handle this case.

She argued that she was, and accused Jordan of committing “perjury” as a result of a misleading statement he put on a document filed to the judge. Judge Marable Jr. stopped her and reminded her that perjury can only occur in a courtroom because it’s committed under oath, which Short took offense to.

“He put a document that stated a lie,” she said, yelling over Judge Marable Jr. “Bottom line you said it was a criminal offense so I will send it to circuit court. Are we done here? Are we done here?…I know exactly what perjury means.”

The argument escalated from there, with Short and the judge eventually screaming over one another other.

“Please do not insult my intelligence,” she told the judge. “Do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I do not understand what the word perjury means. Do not! If it’s a criminal offense then it’s a criminal offense.”

Judge Marable Jr. ended up transferring the case over to circuit court, which means the disgruntled pair will have to appear in front of another judge at a later date.




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