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Y.D.M To Host Achievers Summit ’18 Under The Theme “Unemployment Is A Hoax.”

As the country faces a disturbing unemployment phenomenon and relying solely on the government to correct this anomaly which is unrealistic. Achievers Summit event has been birthed, to provide a forum through which the young and vibrant leaders of this generation can be provided with vital skills, tools and knowledge to foster the speedy development of our country for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Ten years ago, the maiden edition of the Achievers Summit was held and over the years, it has grown into a brand whose ultimate focus has been to help young ones ‘urgently develop in preparation towards greater responsibilities and opportunities.’

The Achievers Summit 2018 is a half-day event curated by the Youth Ministries Division (Y.M.D). With an expectant audience of about 500 participants. The summit will revolve around self-building, leadership and entrepreneurial programs.

These programs are geared towards helping the participants improve upon their problem identification and solving skills, and general efficiency, so as to be able to work productively and effectively in fields such as;  Banking and Finance, Creative Arts, Education, Engineering and Construction, General Services, Health Services and Logistics and Transport.

The main theme of this years’ event is, ‘UNEMPLOMENT IS A HOAX.’ Our panel of guest speakers for the event is a smorgasbord of various skill sets and qualifications, ranging from renowned H.R expert Dr. Ellen Hagan (C.E.O of L’aine Services) to Mr. Tetteh Ayitevie (Head of Distribution at Prudential Life Ghana), among a host of other professionals from various fields.

There will be sessions for networking with resource people and career counselling as well.

The program will be spread over three sessions to cater for the various groups of participants;

Breakout Session: Pre-Tertiary (JHS 3 to SHS 3)

  1. Building a Career (Important Things to Pay Attention To).
  2. How to be your own Boss in School.
  3. Hour of Experience with Professionals Leading Group.

Breakout Session: Tertiary – Post Tertiary (University Level 100 to the Working Class)

  1. Creating a Job Acing CV/Resume.
  2. Hour of Experience with Professionals Leading Groups.

The Achievers Summit 2018 is scheduled for September 15, 2018 at 9 am. The Mount Zion Methodist Church, Sakumono, is the venue. Admission is free and comes with books, certificates and food, as well as incentives for all participants.




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