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Zie drops new Hip-Hop single ‘I’m Different’

Zie unleashes his rap fury in his explosive new single, ‘I’m Different,’ which sees him
clinically take on his ops. The track’s straight-up, no-fussing approach will thrill Hip-Hop heads, boosting the ‘Last Leta’ crooner’s reputation in the rap arena. Stream or
download ‘I’m Different’ across all major digital platforms here:

The Ghanaian-American rapper delivers like a V12 engine on this one: his lively verses sit atop Rahi’s eerie production like royalty and will have you rummaging through his lyrics for gems. Amid the atmospheric beat on offer are embers of Pop Smoke’s style, but Zie’s touch is enough to make the moment his own.
With catchy rhymes, Zie wastes no time in asserting how much of a menace he is,
dropping memorable lines like, “Wagyu, know we sear that one/I don’t do rare that
one” and “Why they whispering?/They no listen” to keep the feeling going.

The execution at play is flawless and his attitude is unmatched, breathing life into the haunting piano melodies to create a tingling sense of excitement.
‘I’m Different’ is another standout track from Zie that will get your Hype Meter buzzing like no other. Its dark, eerie beat and fantastic delivery are a vibe you do not want to miss. And with under just two minutes of playtime, each playthrough won’t feel like a chore. Witness Zie’s brilliance now!



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