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Zylofon Cash now on Apple Store

Zylofon Cash has launched a free-to-download iOS application on Apple Store.

The free-to-download app is to augment efforts to give people an opportunity to make money from their digital contents, uploaded on the Zylofon Cash platform.

Hitherto, owners of such content were most likely to have uploaded them for free and for fun on social media platforms.

Zylofon Cash is a digital media platform where owners of content get paid for views their content attracts.

It also serves as a free-to-view mega library stocked with a wide range of content ranging from creative arts, educational materials, profiles of soccer clubs and sports personalities, documentaries on a wide range of topics, to an endless list of any interesting digital content that can attract views.

“Zylofon Cash is pleased to announce that we are now on Apple Store after we launched the Google Play Store version a couple of weeks ago. The Zylofon Cash app is free to download on both platforms and we are equally happy to remind the public that signing up on the platform to have a viewing ecstasy of our content is also for free”, Halifax Ansah-Addo, Communications Director for Zylofon Cash noted in an interaction with journalists in Accra.

“It is absolutely free when you want to register on and to enjoy the content there. It is only when you have some content and you want to upload and make money from it that you would have to buy an access card to upload your work.

“The good news is that we have reduced the price of our scratch cards from GHC300 to GHC100 and we want to put on record that each card would still upload up to three different contents with each not exceeding 350 megabytes”, Mr. Ansah-Addo added.

He said: “it is a great time to join our success story as we offer a unique platform for persons who have interesting content to make a limitless amount of money just by putting the content on the Zylofon Cash platform and ensuring they attract views.”



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