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The Business Of Music (Episode 2)

Read episode 1 here: Let Us Figure The Business Of Music On Our Own As Ghanaian Creatives.

Getting a Team

This article on figuring out music as a business has moved from targeting only Ghanaian artists to most creatives out there who are yearning to see their music career thrive. The last article saw the conversations that have been and are still trending on the issues concerning Ghanaian music not finding its strength and weight in the international market as compared to Nigerian music.

Another issue is Nigerian music overshadowing Ghanaian music in Ghana’s backyard. Far from that, some Ghanaian artists are doing their best and it shows how far their music is taking them.

On to the topic, we tackle getting a team to help with an artist music career and ensuring that it’s a smooth one. Most of the time an artist relies on friends around who support him/her to help with their career. But do these friends understand what it takes to push you to the level you desire? Well yes, you can’t get professionals at a go to maximize your career but then you can make professionals out of your support group.

You must be very careful in assembling your team because they can make or unmake you. Take this line as a commercial break but who forms a team and doesn’t create fire music. ‘Fire music’ because Ghanaians have been at war amongst themselves arguing on what ‘good music’ is. Make sure the music you are making is one that you relate to, one that moves your soul, a sound that is unique to you.

Continuing from where we left off, putting together a team that will contribute to your success is not easy. You’ll hope not to place square pegs in round holes. But what option do you have, once you do not have professionals, your support system (friends) must learn to be the professionals in your music journey.

To assemble your team, you need 4 key personalities. Some you’ll need as you have started your music career and the others you’ll need along the way whilst growing with your music.

So the first key person you will need to join your team is your manager. Now mostly in the music space, most personal managers perform all roles that have to do with the growth of the artist. But that isn’t right. That personal manager can do everything but it won’t be very effective compared to when the work is shared among other people who are also enthusiasts of your music journey. 

Other artists instead of getting managers consult music lawyers. Their jobs are not too different from managers.

In the next article (episode 3) we will talk more about the role of music lawyers and also talk about the other significant people you can add to your team.



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