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Disrespectful And Pathetic; Feli Nuna Chased Off Stage At The S- Concert.

Feli Nuna, an Ewe “chic” with the brand slogan “Edzoleme”- meaning fire was disrespected at the just ended S-concert when the singer after barely 3 minutes into her 10 minutes allocated performance time was hurriedly chased off stage by the organizers to make way for another.

What looked like a deliberate attempt to bring her performance to an abrupt closure did not go down well with her management and lovers of her art though the well-mannered singer went off stage just as she was requested. had an interview with her after the event as we noticed the sad incident and were on a hunt for what could account for that.

The Beehyve Entertainment signee giving her account of the incident noted, “I was allocated 10 minutes performance time, but, just 3 minutes 45 seconds into my performance, the MC walked onto the stage to introduce another act. All I could hear was ok ok, it’s ok ok, thank you, thank you. I got confused when it happened, I even lost my cool at a point. It was very disrespectful, I have made strides in my career and some respect should be accorded and I don’t think I got that” She ended.

During the chat, she hinted at something we think is worth talking about. The “Love me now” singer expressed disappointment in organizers for allowing  an artist whose songs are not that known to perform all the allocated time just because the art brought naked girls to shake their buttocks and to her surprise, she comes and gets chased off stage not performing for even 5 minutes.

If that was the case, then from the above statement, I deduce its palpable we cherish nudity over content, energy, stage craft/control among others because from all indication Feli’s performance did not lack any of the above as the crowd sang along and were entertained while she performed. In recent times we have seen almost naked girls mount our stages at events all in the name of showbiz and performance (Dancers). If we continue on this tangent, I fear we are teaching the next generation the wrong thing.

I think artists should be accorded some respect, either old or new, big or small and on this one, its in the rightful place for organizers to at least render an apology to the young lady and her team for the mishap. 



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