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Meet the singer who ‘sleeps’ in coffin for meditation [Photos]

singer who ‘sleeps’ in coffin for meditation
singer who ‘sleeps’ in coffin for meditation

Nigerian songwriter and musician, Charly Boy, has opened up on why he lies in a casket and makes such dealings viral.

After photos of him in a coffin went viral, rumours of ritual dealings have been attributed to the singer, but in a latest interview he has clarified such reports.

Charly Boy told Vanguard that he does not sleep in the casket, but on his bed which he says is big and comfy.

“I only lay in my casket when I do my meditation because it helps me to be focused, it tells me more about the imminence of death. My casket is a reminder. It wakes me up from slumber. It tells me, guy, you have got little or no time left, wake up, be creative and work,” he said.

Updated with some comments of Nigerians, Charly Boy said he is unperturbed, adding, “I know a good number of us are ill-informed about quite a number of things. I think it is more of what the casket represents that shocks my people and they start reading meanings into it, depending on their level of understanding.”

He educated that a coffin is just a product of wood, similar to sofas which everyone makes use of.

He added: “But one question is, what if the same wood that was used to build the casket was used to make a sofa chair? Maybe, all the hullabaloo about me sitting on a chair wouldn’t have been there in the first place? So when people vocalise their disapproval of my message via the image of a casket, I understand that they do that from a position of fear – what the casket represents; death.

“Take a critical look at my image inside the coffin, it speaks volume. I always lay in my casket with my cap, glasses, shoes on. I’m always well dressed. Yes, it is always done intentionally to tell us that your glory disappears with all the wealth you must have acquired the very day you go to that coffin.

“Your glory; your cap goes with you. Your vision; your glasses go with you. Your struggle; your shoes go with you. The only thing left of you is your history and your legacy. The crux of the message is to leave a legacy, so we can live forever, not in the physical, but in people’s memories. As for me, I will live forever. You dey vex???”



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