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Watch Teaser: “MTV Shuga: Down South” Returns With A New Season.

Season 2 of MTV Shuga: Down South is a few weeks away!

The first edition of #MTVShugaDS was ground-breaking. We were taken through a series of emotions as our award-winning show unraveled, and we have no doubt that Season 2 will continue taking us on a rollercoaster ride thanks to the amazing storytelling of the cast, writers, and directors.

Season 1 of #MTVShugaDS was definitely filled with a lot of drama, and it is safe to say that the story of Zenzele’s youth is so relatable and we cannot help but take a moment to pause and reflect on how issues such as terminations of unwanted pregnancies, rape, homophobia, and toxic masculinity impact our daily lives. With new faces joining our returning favorites and the story deepening, it is bound to get even more dramatic.




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