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Wendy Shay finds strength in powerful new single ‘Love Me Now’ following traumatic ordeal

After her brush with death over a week ago, Ghanaian music star Wendy Shay is back in the spotlight with an insightful release. Shaken by what could have been her final moments with us, the singer voices some powerful words we can all benefit from reflecting on in her latest Amapiano-infused single, ‘Love Me Now,’ produced by MOG Beatz.

In a shocking turn of events, ‘Love Me Now’ was but a new addition to Wendy Shay’s list of unreleased songs on September 7. Today, in the wake of the traumatic ordeal she suffered three days later, it serves as an abrupt reminder. That is why the ‘Survivor’ hitmaker took to social media to share a heartfelt message with her fans upon announcing the single that made many feel uneasy, knowing it could have been a posthumous release.

“I recorded this song on 7.09.2023 [and] had an accident on 10.09.2023. The lyrics in this song is making sense to me now…,” Wendy Shay shared with her 2.9M followers on Instagram. “Some people will only love you when you are dead… I am alive by the grace of God. Thanks to GOD, my family, team, and my Fans for their support and prayers. Ghana please say a big Thank you to these celebs who showed me love when I needed it most.”

At midnight, a few minutes into Sunday (September 10, 2023), a tipper truck crashed into Wendy Shay’s Jeep Wrangler from behind on the Kwabenya ACP highway. The singer reportedly banged her head on the dashboard and suffered a mild concussion according to her management. The incident sent ripples across the industry, with many music stars expressing their well-wishes and prayers for Wendy Shay, as did fans. And rightly so, as the tragic loss of Wendy Shay’s RuffTown Records predecessor, Ebony, is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians five years later.

‘Love Me Now’ couldn’t have come at a better time. It highlights the importance of friendship and solidarity in times of crisis while urging us to appreciate and support our loved ones while they are alive and kicking, not when they are dead. The song premiered with a simple yet effective visualizer directed by Eni Baid. Its monochrome shots revolve around Wendy Shay seated in a lush park, recounting her recent near-fatal accident through the song’s invaluable lyrics.

In hindsight, the opening lyrics to the song: “Check up on your friend. Stand up for your friend. When in time of need, cos a friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend might be going through some phase, so pick up the phone,” are bound to send chills down your spine. They deliver a pressing message and present us with an opportunity to connect with our loved ones at any time of any day before it is a little too late. As the saying goes, “Give people their flowers while they can still smell them.”



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